RoseNode.com was created to allow you to get a free website that you can play around with and use.

We hope this allows you to figure out if you really need or want a website and allows you to play around with WordPress and without worrying about breaking things too much.

You may also use RoseNode.com for your current website if you would like to.

Things you can do with RoseNode.com

  • Learn about WordPress and how to use it.
  • Create an Online Portfolio; useful for photographers, bloggers, musicians, podcasters, artists, designers, and more.
  • Create a website with static content.
  • Create a blog focused website.
  • Create a video focused website.
  • Create an Event Calendar.
  • Create a Forum based website.
  • Create a Picture Gallery.
  • Create a store with WP eCommerce. *
  • Use RoseNode.com as a sandbox.
  • Learn CSS by manipulating the themes with the custom css editor.
  • And much more!

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A list of some of the Awesome Features RoseNode.com provides.

A list of our currently Available Plugins.

There are some Limitations with using our free service that you may want to review first.



*While WP eCommerce is available, We suggest that you do not actually sell any products using it and only use it to figure the plugins awesome features out, like a sandbox, before you upgrade to a website that will allow you to use a SSL which will help protect you and your customers during the ordering process, among many of the extra features a full hosting account will provide you.